I can’t freaking wait for driverless cars

They’re safer. They’ll kill fewer cyclists. They’re more energy efficient. They reduce the need for parking space. I, for one, cannot wait for our self-driving overlords. And it turns out they’ll be pretty good for the trucking business too–

Driverless trucks are coming. In the near future, they will still need drivers, and they may dramatically improve their job:

Besides being able to nap and relax in the cab while Otto does the driving, says Berdinis, drivers could use the time away from the wheel to catch up on trucking’s heavy paperwork, locate a “backhaul” load that would pay for the return trip, chat with family and friends, learn a second trade, or run a business. “And while they’re doing it, the drivers are still getting paid for driving,” he says.

This is not all good news, though. Once the country gets comfortable with the idea, there will probably be a swift and traumatizing death of the trucking profession. And so my excitement for the safer world we’ll live in day to day on the road must be tempered. Every massive leap in technology means a lot of personal anguish as yet another class of job disappears. So I can’t freaking wait, but many people very much can.

If you want to look like a goon in public, but also be amazing

Mandel_11.jpg.CROP.article920-largeSpeed read! I’ve been using, which is not the classiest interface book does it pretty right. You have to pay very close attention to what you’re reading, and can’t get distracted by looking at your phone etc.

Spreeder and comparable apps relying on a technology called RSVP, Rapid Serial Visual Presentation, which makes reading seem more like watching a gif, or “listening with your eyes”. So when you’re reading in a coffee shop, you stare at a single spot on your phone, not moving, totally engrossed. The newer, fancier, much discussed Spritz has some science on where your eyes should focus on a word for quickest comprehension (where Spreeder just centers the words presented), but they don’t seem to be available to the common man yet. And I want to use it so much on iBooks on my iPad, but no one has that unless I rip the DRM off of the books I purchased (and ugh sigh). I think I’ll buy Velocity for my iPhone, which seems to work with Pocket so I can use it offline for articles. Try it! How fast are you? I’m up to 475 wpm!